Thursday, 6 October 2016

AU dismisses cartoon warning of insecurity in the US

The African Union (AU) has responded to a
cartoon alleging that as a result of rising
insecurity in the United States of America,
Africans were advised to avoid travelling to the

The AU dismissed reference by the cartoon that
it was a ‘government’ and further accused
persons behind the cartoon of misinforming the
public and also misusing the logo of the body.
A press release by the AU read, ‘‘The African
Union (AU) would like to inform all African and
international media and audiences that there are
individuals or groups that are misinforming the
public by sending incorrect statements in the
name of the AU and making use of the logo or
other symbols of the African Union to give
credibility to their statements.
‘‘Specifically, the Union has not sent out any
travel advisories to any country or territory in the
world as purported in a statement that is
circulating on social media, and which has been
quoted by some online publications.”
The original cartoon (picture below) warns
Africans of ‘continued instability’ in the US citing
unarmed black civilians murdered. It continued
that potential for unrest was high and had led to
AU officials halting travel plans to the US.
“The AU is able to provide limited emergency
services to African citizens in the US. Things can
get out of hand any time. the situation is more
serious now that the USA is preparing for the
presidential elections in a month’s time,” it
The said cartoon was published by a Kenyan
website and also carried by the Standard
newspaper. It was authored by a famed
cartoonist and animator under the pen name,
Gado. (real name Godfrey Mwampemba.)
According to his official website, Gado described
himself as “the most syndicated political
cartoonist in East and Central Africa.” He noted
that his work touches on every subject from
terrorism, deforestation to AIDS and corruption.
For over two decades Gado has been a
contributor to the Daily Nation (Kenya), New
African (U.K.), Courier International (France),
Sunday Tribune (South Africa), Le Monde,
Washington Times, Des Standard, and Japan