Thursday, 6 October 2016

religious leaders call for calm, more attacks on businesses

Leaders from the Inter-religious Council of
Ethiopia have appealed for calm and a national
dialogue as the country amidst continuing
protests and targeting of businesses in the

The government has confirmed that after the
attack on Dangote’s business concerns on
Monday, 10 other businesses have been burnt
down and looted in the Oromia region. The
government blames the violence on organized
The Information Minister Getachew Reda, is
reported by the BBC to have said, the motorbike
riding criminal gangs involved in the violence
used petrol bombs to attack their targets.
Trucks and machinery belonging to the Dangote
group – owned by Africa’s richest man, Aliko
Dangote – were burned by protesters in restive
region following a deadly stampede at a festival
last Sunday.
RT africanews Several dead, many injured after
crackdown on Oromia protest in Ethiopia |
Several dead, many injured after crackdown on Oromia protest in Ethi
Several people have died and many injured during
a stampede after Ethiopia's special forces fired
teargas and warning shots on Sunday to disperse

The government has repeatedly denied claims by
the opposition that the security forces were to
blame for the panic that resulted in the
stampede. Official figures indicate that 55 people
Among the thousands of festival participants, a
number of them marched chanting anti-
government slogans and their arms crossed
above their heads.
The Oromia region lies south of the Ethiopian
capital Addis Ababa and is the center of the
Oromia protests last year which Human Rights
Watch reported that over 400 protesters were