Thursday, 6 October 2016

Dangote's factory attacked by protesters in Ethiopia's restive region

Trucks and machinery belonging to the Dangote
group was attacked by protesters in Ethiopia’s
Oromia region. The attacks followed a deadly
stampede at a festival over the weekend.

The attack which took place in the town of Ada
Berga targeted the cement factory owned by
Africa’s richest man Nigerian Aliko Dangote.
The state owned Fana Broadcasting Corporate
said, the Oromia Regional State had earlier
reported that lives were lost and property
damaged in some areas of the state, apparently
in reprisal to the incident over the weekend.
Local media added that a court building and
government-owned vehicles were also torched.
#Ethiopia : Lives lost, properties damaged in
violence in some areas of Oromia: Regional State

Ethiopia’s Oromia region continues to witness
protests after Sunday’s Irrecha thanksgiving
festival by natives was reportedly dispersed by
the security forces.
The ensuing stampede led to deaths of at least
55 people. The government denies claims by
activists that security forces opened fire at the
festival, causing the stampede.
Among the thousands of festival participants, a
number of them marched chanting anti-
government slogans and their arms crossed
above their heads.
The Oromia region lies south of the Ethiopian
capital Addis Ababa and is the center of the
Oromia protests last year which Human Rights
Watch reported that over 400 protesters were
Dangote cement is Africa’s largest cement
company with plants in Nigeria, Senegal, Ghana,
Cameroon, Ethiopia, Zambia, Tanzania & South