Sunday, 2 October 2016

Woman “Pees” ( Urinates ) on Actress for Allegedly Snatching Her Husband

An “ upcoming” actress whose identity is yet to
be made known may have had her budding
career already in shambles as she has taken
up a role in a script which is definitely too big
for her to handle .

The actress in question was said to have
allegedly snatched the husband of a certain
woman who , it was reported, had been
patiently waiting to teach her the lesson of
her life by publicly disgracing her – and
exactly that is what the woman did to the
The woman was said to have laid ambush for
her in one of her outings , stri * ped her half
unclad and urinated on her as a sign of
warning to leave her husband alone .
Meanwhile, information about the incident,
which was said to have taken place in Port
Harcourt , is still sketchy.