Sunday, 2 October 2016

Nigeria Celebrates 56 Years Of Independence

Nigeria’s President, Muhammadu Buhari will
begin his independence day address to
Nigerians at 7am as the country marks her
56th independence anniversary.

There is little doubt that the general mood
among Nigerians is despondent as we have
endured a year and some months of an
administration which can ’ t seem to put a foot
right. With headline inflation increasing every
month for the past four months, the cost of
foodstuff and other essentials have gone
through the roof . It has become harder than
ever for the average man to survive.
The Nigerian economy also entered a
recession following the release of second -
quarter financial results showing a
consecutive GDP contraction . Nigeria’s import
dependent economy has also suffered as the
Naira takes a battering from the major world
currencies .
There seems to be very little to celebrate as a
country but we will turn to the familiar
resilience of Nigerians and our unbreakable
will to keep going despite all odds.
Happy Independence day Nigeria!