Tuesday, 20 September 2016

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Students of the Ladoke Akintola University of
Technology, Akure (LAUTECH) have lynched a
man suspected to be an armed robber and
rapist following high incidence of crime.

The students have in recent past been victims
of theft, burglary, assault and rape.
It was then to them a day of justice and
revenge when on Saturday, September 6, they
caught one of the perpetrators of the crimes in
the act.
The students initially did not assault the
suspect, simply identified as Segun, opting to
alert the Students Union leadership, Tribune
reports. »
It was decided that the suspect be taken to the
police in the Union's bus.
Unfortunately, they had an accident on their way
to the police station.
The Speaker of the Students Representative
Council, Olalekan Salami and 14 other students
sustained severe injuries.
Student Pulse gathered that things took a sour
turn when the students discovered that the
criminal they were escorting mysteriously had
no injuries.
Suspecting foul play and some sort of voodoo
manipulations, they stripped him naked and beat
him up.
It took the intervention of the top officials of
the university to convince the students to
release the suspect to the police.
After much drama, the criminal was finally
handed over to the police.
The Area Commander and the District Police
Officer assured the students of maximum
security for the school and the town forthwith.