Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Why I Married Peter Okoye Despite The Fact He Is My Junior – Lola Omotayo

Peter Okoye of P ’ Square and
Lola Omotayo ’ s love story is
compelling and amazing .
couple have been in a
relationship for over eight
years before they finally tied
the knot on Sunday , November
17, 2013 .
Peter and Lola 3 Why I Married
Peter Okoye Despite The Fact
He Is My Junior – Lola
There has been a lot of talk
and whispers about their
marriage, the family issues and
the fact that Lola is by far
older than Peter Okoye has
been trending . But why did she
decide to marry someone
who ’ s her junior ?
Below is Lola Omotayo ’ s stand
on their age difference … Lola,
who was a Business
Development Director at
FKG 2m a marketing agency in
Lagos, had told the story of
how she and Peter met and
how the relationship started:
“ My agency handles some of
British American Tobacco
brands and P ’ Square was
doing a show for us at one of
our events in Enugu. Though I
had met Peter a couple of
times before then, at the show
there was some chemistry .
He asked for my number and I
refused giving it to him . I told
him ‘if you really want to know
me, you have to find my
number’ . So he took it as a
task and found my number and
the rest is history . ” Lola, said
to be in her 30 s then and
Peter in his 20s , was not
disturbed by the age
difference. Her reason :
“ Like I said , Peter is an old
soul and he always tells me
that I’ m like a 23- year -old. Age
is just a number. Right now ,
you can see it around the
world. Demi Moore, Usher and
some known people . Even in
Nigeria here, they are dating
people far older than their age .
So , we shouldn ’ t base it on the
age factor. He doesn’ t make
me feel like he’ s younger than
me. ”