Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Seychelles president resigns from office.

Seychelles president has announced
that he will step down.

In a televised address, President
James Michel said after 12 years in
office, the time had come to hand
power to a new leader.
“I am leaving the Office of the
President with a sense of mission
accomplished. During these 12 years
that you gave me the honour and
privilege to lead our nation, I have
completed my responsibility and my
His announcement comes on the day
that the National assembly which is
now controlled by an opposition
coalition was sworn into office, after
their recent victory in legislative
elections held earlier this month.
It also comes only 10 months into his
third and final five-year term as
Vice president Danny Faure will
assume office and be sworn on
October 16 the day President Michel’s
resignation takes effect.
Faure is expected to complete the four
years that remain to be served on the
president’s term.