Monday, 19 September 2016

Devil Incarnate Man bags life jail term after raping woman at son's grave site

A man has been sentenced to life in prison
after brutally attacking and raping a woman
in a cemetery as she laid flowers on her
son's grave.

The woman who was visiting the grave of her
late six-year-old son in the garden of
remembrance at a crematorium on May 9, 2016,
was attacked by the suspect identified as
Christopher Rode.
Rode reportedly knocked the grieving mum
unconscious with a small brass and ceramic
statue which he had gotten from a grave stone.
The court heard of how the vile suspect carried
out the double rape, muttering the chilling
words, "I will kill you," as he forced the victim to
the ground, covering her mouth with his hand in
a bid to stop her from screaming.
The reports reveal how the victim had begged
for mercy, telling the suspect that it was the
anniversary of the tragic death of her son, but
Rode had shown no remorse as he hit her over
the head at least four times with the statue,
ripped off her clothes and raped her twice.
The 56-year-old woman whose identity has been
withheld, had just finished tidying her son's
grave and was heading back to her car when,
following a rustle in the bushes, Rode attacked