Saturday, 24 September 2016

Jealous Girlfriend Allegedly Bathes Boyfriend’s Private Area With Acid

I am still in shock , badly irritated and in a bad
space right now . I sincerely hope you don ’t
feel that way too after reading and seeing the
pictures below .
The chief reason why this
story is making the cut is precautionary –
ladies and gentlemen in a relationship, be
careful , be faithful and please, have the fear
of God . Jealous and unsecured men have
been bathing women with substances
suspected to be acid; some have even gone
as far as setting their lovers ablaze but this
one that you are reading, is a world ’ s first . I
don’ t know anywhere else this sort of
wickedness has ever played out . Even horror
movies don ’t come this bad . I am saying too
much so that if you don’ t want to go further ,
you can just exit because the image you are
about to see is not only disturbing but gory
beyond words.
They say hell hath no fury like a woman
scorned and through the ages, that saying has
not only proven to be true but also seen to
the end of many a man who did not take heed
of its meaning .
A girl suspected her boyfriend of cheating on
her . To confirm her fears, she checked
through his phone call history , sms and all and
voila ! her suspicions were confirmed. The
b***h in her kicked into over -drive mode and
so she devised an evil scheme on how to
repay him for his transgressions .
You would expect maybe a showdown or even
hiring thugs to beat up her man but no,
Jezebel ( please permit me to call her so ) had
a better ( terrible) plan instead .
She purchased substance suspected to be
acid which she concealed . Lured the
unsuspecting boyfriend into some sort of kinky
love making ? that involved his hands been tied
to the bed post – sort of scenes that you see
only in movies. It is not known yet whether
the act of s * x took place at all or maybe it
did before the interrogation began by
‘Jezebel ’ , because when the victim was found,
he was not gagged .
No one can say for sure what transpired but
‘Jezebel ’ allegedly poured the substance she
had bought on her boyfriend ’ s privates and it
was his eerie and heart wrenching scream
that drew the attention of neighbours who
came to his rescue but the damage had
already been done .
Was the lady in question apprehended , we
don’ t know yet but soon as more details
unfold, we will keep you posted but here is a
pic of the guy receiving treatment in the
hospital .