Friday, 30 September 2016

Nigerians should leave this holiday alone

On October 31, 2016 millions of Americans
(and Europeans as well) will celebrate

It’s the day people get to dress up as
either monsters or famous people and have
some fun. Little kids also play dress up
and go to every house in the
neighbourhood, trick or treating. Let’s not
forget the horror pranks and scary looking
Halloween originated in the Western world,
Wales to be exact and it spread to North
America. Surprisingly Nigerians have started
celebrating Halloween » . No, these are not
your Afropolitan Nigerians who have accents
and live in a fancy service apartment in Ikoyi
after graduating from Harvard.
Halloween is now celebrated by the average
Nigerian who cannot recite the American
pledge. On October 30, 2016 I can bet there will
be many Nigerians in bars and lounges
celebrating Halloween with cliché masks and
costumes. Fliers and invites will soon pop up on
Twitter and Instagram.
A decade ago, you would be hard pressed to
have seen a Halloween party in Lagos or
anywhere else in Nigeria, but now club
managers will do their best to get their clubs
packed for Halloween even if they have to rent
an Egyptian mummy.
Why are Nigerians celebrating Halloween?
Thanks to years of cable television and access
to the Internet we have become hip to what is
American pop culture. All our favourite
American TV series have a Halloween episode.
We have watched horror movies based on
Halloween. We have watched a funny Halloween
scene. Also, go on sites to see what celebrities
wore to Halloween parties.