Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Popular Nollywood Actor , Emeka Enyiocha Engages In A Street Fight With Brother

Emeka Enyiocha who recently
welcomed his third child got
into a public fight with his
younger brother on Monday
night of March 24, 2014 at the
Surulere area of Lagos .

The married father of three ,
Emeka Enyiocha had employed
the services of his younger
brother, Maduabuchi to help
him run his bar located on
Modupe Johnson Street who in
turn employed someone else
named Onyeka to help him
manage the bar .
On that fateful Monday , trouble
started after Emeka walked
into the bar about 11 . 00 pm in
the night , confronting the
barman about certain sales he
had made earlier in the day.
Apparently not satisfied with
the reply he got was reported
to have suddenly bounced on
the boy, beating him black and
During this process , Emeka ’ s
brother, Maduabuchi decided
to intervene by helping the boy
( who happens to be an
orphan) but he instead Emeka
started a fight with him even
went ahead to pursue him into
the street with a long stick ,
caught up with him and head
butted him , giving him a cut in
the face and breaking his
Residents of Modupe Johnson
Street tried to intervene but
Emeka , in anger called officers
from Bode Thomas police
station and had his brother and
the barman arrested.
They were locked up at the
Bode Thomas police station for
24 hours and were released on
Tuesday. .