Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Shell Nigeria shuts down major Crude Oil Export line

Nigeria’s crude-oil production suffered a fresh
set back on Monday as Trans Niger Pipeline,
which exports about 180,000 barrels of crude
oil per day was shut down.

The move is a temporary measure after a fire
was seen on the “right of way” at Gio
community in Ogoni land, one of the two
pipelines that export Bonny Light crude oil.
TNP transports crude oil to the Bonny Export
Terminal and is part of the liquid gas
evacuation infrastructure, critical for continued
domestic power generation and liquefied gas
Spokesman for Shell Petroleum Development
Corporation (SPDC), Precious Okolobo said a
joint investigation visit will determine the cause
and impact of the fire.
However, the Niger Delta Avengers, a group
that has claimed responsibility for a string of
attacks on Nigerian oil infrastructure this year,
said it had struck a Bonny Light pipeline,
ending several weeks of calm under a ceasefire
with the government.