Monday, 26 September 2016

Pastor Put His Private Part In My Bum -Bum, Gave Me N10.00- 7

A middle - aged trader at Alaba International
Market , Ojo, Lagos , simply identified as
Joseph, a . k . a Pastor is in Police net for
allegedly defiling his neighbour ’ s seven -year -
old granddaughter ( names withheld ) at
Mechanic Bus Stop, Ojo , Lagos.
It was
learned that the victim ’ s mother, Mrs Nene
Oguchint, alongside her three children visited
her sick father who lives in the same
compound with the suspect at Number 19 ,
Adeyanju ( Civilian Barracks) three weeks ago .
The victim was allegedly defiled twice during
this period by Joseph who is popularly called
Pastor in the vicinity.
Crime Alert gathered that the bubble burst
after a teenager in the compound confided in
the victim ’ s mother, Nene Oguchint , that
Pastor had earlier defiled his 12-year - old
brother, Collins . Shocked at the disclosure , the
victim ’s mother made further enquiries only to
discover that her visiting daughter had fallen
victim of the notorious serial defiler.
Victim ’ s account
The victim ( names with held) told her
bewildered mother that the first time pastor
did it was the day she, together with her
younger ones, went inside the Pastor’ s room.
“ When we entered , he told my little sister
Amaka to take my brother , Victor outside .
When they went outside , Uncle asked me to
sit on his laps , removed my pants and his
trouser and started putting his private part
inside my bum -bum . Later , white substance
began to come out from it. After he finished ,
he gave her N10 ,00 . The second time was in
the afternoon ; I was in the passage alone , so
Uncle Joseph started calling me , in a low
voice, to come in.
I thought he wanted me to run some errand
for him. So , I went inside his room and he did
the same thing to me . After he finished , he
gave me two sliced bread. Asked why she
didn’ t tell her mother, she said that Uncle
threatened that he will kill her if she told
How the bubble burst
Mother of the victim , Nene Oguchint who
spoke to Crime Alert on Thursday morning
gave her own account of the incident.
“ I live in the East with my husband and
children. I came to visit my sick father who
lives in that compound on the 29th of April
with my three young children. At about 6pm
when I got home on Monday , I was washing
clothes when one of my neighbour’ s children,
named Junior ( 14 years old) came to me and
said that there was something that happened
that he wanted to tell me . I asked him what,
he said one of our neighbours, Joseph ( a. k . a.
Brother pastor ) pleaded with his mother to
allow his younger brother Collins , ( 12- years
old) sleep in his room since his sister didn’ t
come back home that night . ”
According to him: “ Ignorantly , my mother
agreed and that night , my younger brother
slept in his room. In the morning when Collins
woke up, he complained to me that Pastor
didn’ t allow him to sleep in the night , as he
kept touching his man - hood , kissing, and
troubling him all through the night . He pulled
his trouser and when he tried to shout , he
closed his mouth. ” Junior further explained
that thrice the Pastor attempted to r *pe him
and he told him off , as such he dislikes him.
She continued : “ I asked Junior why he didn’ t
report to his mother, he said he didn ’t because
the Pastor is dating his mother and that his
mother would not believe him . Still , I
encouraged him to tell his mother which he
did. Unfortunately when he did , the mother
slapped him , asking how he would make such
an allegation against Joseph the Pastor. While
this was going on, two siblings from another
tenant , Joel and Emma said that the same
Pastor has done similar things to them, too . I
asked them why they didn’ t tell their mother
when it happened, they said he threatened to
kill them if they told anyone.
“ I was shocked so I called my daughter
( names withheld ) and asked her if she heard
what Junior, Joel and Emma had said . She
said yes . I asked her if the Pastor had done
something like that to her , she started
shivering and said ; “ Yes mummy, please don’ t
beat me . ” I asked her how many times , she
said twice . After she explained to me , I raised
alarm. Then , the Pastor was already inside the
house of one of the vicrtim ’ s mother, Mama
Collins. I then confronted him . He didn’ t say
anything , it was Mummy Collins that was
pleading with me to calm down and stop
shouting and advised that I should not tell
I told her that it was not possible , that there
was no way I would sweep a case of
defilement against my daughter under the
carpet . I then called my husband who had
travelled to the east . It was my husband that
told me to report the case to the police, which
I did on Tuesday morning because it was
already late . When I got to Iyana -Isashi Police
Station, the police officers were confused
because the suspect had come to report the
case to them the previous night .
Alleged police complicity
“ The police took my daughter to a private
hospital in Ali - Baba, Isashi , where a test was
conducted and it was discovered that she has
been sexually abused, recently. After attempts
to persuade me to settle the case failed , the
police officer in-charge of the case said that if
I want the case to be charged to court , I
should be ready to pay money for
transportation to Badagry Magistrate ’ s court .
“ On Wednesday afternoon , the police officer
in-charge of the case hurriedly took us to
Badagry Magistrate ’ s court after he heard that
human right groups were interested in the
case. Unfortunately , we got there late and the
case could not be heard because the court
didn’ t sit . They referred us to Ojo Magistrate ’ s
court . I don ’ t understand how the police is
handling the case any more as the IPO says I
won ’ t be going to the court with my daughter.
Since the incident took place, many of the
suspect ’s relatives including an Anglican
priest, have been calling asking us to name
our price , that they would pay anything for the
case not to go to court . The suspect who was
initially denying the allegation, later started
begging me to forgive him and withdraw the
case. ”
Lamenting , the victim ’ s father , Chinedu
Oguchint, a trader, who came to Lagos
because of the case on Wednesday , said : “ I
want the case to be properly investigated and
we want justice to be done . We are calling on
the Commissioner of Police, Owoseni Fatai ,
Lagos State Government and the human right
groups to intervene in this issue as the
suspect ’s relatives are attempting to cover
the case up. “
Another drama
While this was going on, another drama took
place as parents of the victim alleged also
that the Investigating Police Officer had
forcibly taken their daughter to an Ikeja
magistrate’ s court where the case was to be
heard. The mother said she was at the police
station with the suspect when the police
officer took her child and insisted that she
should not follow them to court . According to
her , “ They left the police station without me . I
traced them to the court in Ikeja, later. ”