Saturday, 24 September 2016

Gabon constitutional court upholds Ali Bongo's disputed re-election

The Constitutional Court of Gabon has
confirmed the reelection of President
Ali Bongo as the head of the country.

The court met on Friday to decide who
will be the country’s next president,
ending weeks of uncertainty after a
disputed election sparked a political
crisis and violent protests.
Incumbent President Ali Bongo won the
vote by a margin of less than 6,000
votes while his main challenger, Jean
Ping, had complained of fraud.
One major disputed area was Bongo’s
stronghold, Haut Ogoouéans, where he
claimed there was a 99% voter turnout.
The constitutional court later ordered a
vote recount and it emerged that
Bongo had won 83.2% to Ping’s 4.6%.
It also cancelled the results from 21
polling stations in Libreville.
Jean Ping, a career diplomat and
former chairman of the African Union
Commission, filed a legal challenge and
demanded a recount.
The announcement of the result had
earlier triggered-off electoral disputes
between the two candidates. At least
seven people died and more than 1,000
were arrested in violent protests
following the announcement. People
have been stocking their homes with
extra groceries in anticipation of
further trouble.
Bongo has now called on opposition for
a political dialogue in a move to unite
the country