Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Khat makes people happy and talkative but can
cause insomnia and temporary confusion
We reported earlier that Kenya has resumed
exporting Khat to Somalia after a ban imposed
last week was lifted.
A trader of the herbal stimulant in Somalia's
capital, Mogadishu, gave the BBC his reaction:
I am very happy today because the khat ban
rendered me jobless. I was forced to stay
indoors because I had nothing to do and I could
not provide for my family. I'm glad the imports
have resumed, because of that I am back in
But another man in the city was not
so impressed:
I am not happy about the resumption of the khat
imports in Mogadishu. I was among the people
who welcomed the ban. I am now disappointed
because it’s back in our streets. I think our
president was wrong to lift the ban."
The planes from Kenya arrive in Mogadishu in
the morning and the leafy stimulant, which is not
cheap, is usually chewed after lunch, mainly by
men, in the afternoon and into the evening.
Anti-khat campaigners argue that the stimulant
contributes to domestic violence and other