Thursday, 15 September 2016

Libya: Tobruk-based parliament promotes army general to field marshal

They commander of the Libyan National
Army (LNA) was on Wednesday

promoted to field marshal by
parliamentarians in the east of the
General Khalifa Haftar, is known to be
at odds with the UN-backed
government which has allocated the
defence portfolio to another officer,
Ibrahim al-Barghathi.
Militia-backed government claimed to
have seceded power to the unity
government in what they said then was
in in an effort to ‘ preserve the higher
interests of the country and prevent
bloodshed and divisions.’
But cracks never had really been
sealed, Haftar who supports a rival
administration in the country’s east is
accused of being behind the recent
seizure of four oil ports in the country
putting plans to resume oil exports in
Speculation is that General Haftar’s
promotion is a provocative move
levelledt towards the internationally-
recognized government of national
unity located in the west of Libya.