Thursday, 15 September 2016

The Chief Executive Officer of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg has been going around lagos

The Chief Executive Officer of
Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg has been
spotted in the streets of Lagos on

Tuesday as he takes his first Africa trip
to Nigeria.
His visit is meant to give the
technology magnate an insight on how
Africa is embracing the sector so that
Facebook can better support tech
development and entrepreneurship
across Africa, Facebook said in a
Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of
Facebook walking across the
streets of Yaba, Lagos State,
10:28 PM - 30 Aug 2016
Africa Facts Zone
“This is my first trip to sub-Saharan
Africa. I’ll be meeting with developers
and entrepreneurs, and learning about
the startup ecosystem in Nigeria. The
energy here is amazing and I’m excited
to learn as much as I can,” Zuckerberg
He met with developers, trainees and
other technology enthusiasts at the Co-
Creation Hub (CcHub) in Yaba, Lagos
where he interacted with kids and
entrepreneurs to have an idea of how
technology works in Africa.
Founder of Facebook, Mark
Zuckerberg, visits Nigeria's
leading technology hub, Co-
Creation Hub in Yaba.
6:40 PM - 30 Aug 2016
“The first place I got to visit was the
Co-creation Hub Nigeria (CcHUB) in
Yaba. I got to talk to kids at a summer
coding camp and entrepreneurs who
come to CcHub to build and launch
their apps. I’m looking forward to
meeting more people in Nigeria,” he
The visit was extended to other tech
developers including Temi Giwa, who
built a platform called Life Bank that
makes blood available when and where
it is needed in Nigeria.
Zuckerberg also visited Andela which is
funded by himself and his wife to
building the next generation of
technical leaders in Africa.
In the two years since it was founded,
Andela has accepted just over 200
engineers from a pool of more than
40,000 applicants.
“We are excited and honored to
welcome Mark Zuckerberg to Lagos.
His visit reinforces not only his support
of Andela’s mission, but his belief that
indeed the next generation of great
technology leaders will come out of
Lagos, Nigeria and cities across
Africa,” Director of Andela Lagos, Seni
Sulyman said.
The visit ended at an Express WiFi
stand in Lagos owned by Rosemary
Njoku. “Facebook’s Express WiFi lets
entrepreneurs like Rosemary set up a
hot spot to help their community
access apps and services built by local
developers,” the social network service